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the boy with the thorn in his side

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Depression. [Jun. 21st, 2011|02:50 pm]
the boy with the thorn in his side
[Currently Feeling |scaredscared]

I can feel myself trying to get depressed all the time and I DON'T WANT IT.
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2011|10:48 pm]
the boy with the thorn in his side
[Currently Feeling |sicksick]

Free music? Yes please! Get Good Charlotte's Cardiology (Acoustic) for FREE today!
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Oh, nostalgia. [May. 16th, 2011|03:52 pm]
the boy with the thorn in his side
[Currently Feeling |nostalgicnostalgic]
[Currently Hearing |"Alive" Good Charlotte]

I'm reading through old twincest stories/comments and it hurts my heart. I miss the feeling of being able to write without inhibition. Even if my writing sucked. I miss when the fandom was so huge that we'd get a bajillion comments in an hour and just squeal and not have a care in the world. I miss thinking that I would someday meet the band and become bffs with them because I literally thought they were the only thing I had. When they were the only reason I breathed. I don't miss the assholes, or the embarrassing moments with fake Benjis and Joels on MysSpace, but I miss everything else about the fandom.

Siiiiiigh. I can't wait until June.

[/sappy nostalgic ramble]
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Whatever, I still get to hang out with Ashley for a couple days. [May. 13th, 2011|06:50 pm]
the boy with the thorn in his side
[Currently Feeling |disappointeddisappointed]
[Currently Hearing |dunno who sings it, but one of the word "forever" is in the lyrics somewhere.]

Pretty much no one is going to show up to my party.

I am so loved.
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This has been an update. [May. 12th, 2011|03:02 am]
the boy with the thorn in his side
[Currently Feeling |tiredtired]
[Currently Hearing |My Body - Young the Giant]

I miss when LJ was hip. :(

I think I'll post pictures from my graduation party, even though the only person who reads my LJ is the only person who is going to BE at my graduation party. Oh wells.
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Dear LiveJournal, [Apr. 27th, 2011|05:57 am]
the boy with the thorn in his side
[Currently Feeling |bouncyall of the above.]
[Currently Hearing |rain rain go away]

What's up? How you doin'? I've had way too much caffeine and little sleep and too much homework and my fingers hurt from writing/typing. I should probably refrain from using them but I need someone to talk to about nothing at all and no one is home and no one is online and no one cares, so I'm here on my faithful LJ talking all sorts of nonsensical crap about needing things and caffeine overdoses and whatnot. I'm kind of dizzy from the caffeine and my eyes are bleary from lack of sleep and my ears are ringing because there's nothing on TV to occupy my poor restless brain. I shouldn't have drank that coffee at two in the morning, but I needed something to keep me awake while I tried to finish my homework. I have an exam tonight that I haven't studied for at all...and it's kind of depressing. I want to pass, but I hate the class so I don't even put any effort into it. I'm still getting a pretty decent grade so far. I got 94 on my last exam and 92 on my paper and at least passed my presentation. I have no idea what my grades are for the rest of my classes. I'm hoping my Gov teacher puts up my grade for the paper I wrote, but who friggin' knows. All I know is that I want this semester to be done and over with so I can spend more than two seconds of my life doing something other than homework. Or thinking about doing homework. Or whining about doing homework. This semester was by far the worst of any I've taken (minus last semester, but I don't think that counts because last semester was a joke and a half). I know none of this really matters though, because I'm going to graduate and move on and get better at whatever it is I'm good at...or maybe discover what I'm good at so I no longer feel like I'm wasting my time doing whatever it is that I'm doing like I do. That is me, wandering aimlessly. That is me, wondering aimlessly.

It's pouring buckets outside. This is why you don't post on LJ after no sleep and too much coffee.
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2011|11:14 pm]
the boy with the thorn in his side
I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack. D:
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get these bitches out of here [Feb. 2nd, 2011|06:03 pm]
the boy with the thorn in his side
[Currently Feeling |annoyedannoyed]

I can't leave my room without feeling like a four-eyed creature from Mars or some shit. IN MY OWN HOUSE.
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bow chica bow bow. [Jan. 27th, 2011|11:55 pm]
the boy with the thorn in his side
I took a nap after class today...

...and I woke up laughing because I dreamed that I was watching a gay porn...

Starring Jared Padalecki.


I thought I was over fan fiction, maaaan. xD
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Survey? GASP! [Jan. 21st, 2011|02:55 am]
the boy with the thorn in his side
[Currently Feeling |boredbored]

Livening up my LJ with a survey. I haven't done one of these in eons.

Who will sing their blues for them?Collapse )
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